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Yes, you can make a cool video with your smartphone. But how? (Part1-- Intro)

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

5 tips to make a professional video with your smartphone.

Business owners and nonprofit leaders often tell me that making marketing and promotional videos is frustrating, especially when all they have is a smartphone.

Think about some of the recent videos you have watched on YouTube. It’s easy to find videos where the camera is shaky, the sound isn’t clear, or the image is too dark or too bright. It’s also not hard to find videos that include more than one of these characteristics. Whoops!

Recording a video with your smartphone is easy. Take it out of your pocket, unlock the screen, and push record. Easy, right? However, there are many things that could potentially go wrong as we covered in the YouTube example above.

Well, the good news is that creating a short marketing video or PSA doesn’t have to be THAT daunting. With the right (and affordable) tools/accessories and some practice, you can easily create a neat, engaging, and professional video that drives customers to your business and supporters to your nonprofit.

Most importantly, you can get it done without fancy design programs and big budgets.

Before you grab the phone and go out to film, let’s take a quick look at a few things that will help professionalize the video.

5 tips to professionalize your phone-recorded video:

In the next 2 weeks, we will cover these 5 tips in-depth, and make sure you are ready to roll!

We'll cover pre-production: what do you need to do before filming in our first week's blog. Stay tuned!


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